Chris Boicos Fine Arts in collaboration with

Le Huit presents:

CONTROLUCE, Nicola Villa Solo Exhibition.

Opening reception: Tuesday, may 12 17.00>21.00

Controluce (“Against light”) is an exhibition of urban figures and crowds from a variety of cities, New York, Paris, Brussels and Nice. Painting, watercolor, collage and printmaking often in combination, are the techniques through which the artist interprets and fixes his most recent impressions of the contemporary city.
Michele Tavola, curator of the exhibition:
“The Italian artist and printmaker Nicola Villa associates the technical ability of an old master with the gaze
of a modern observer who lives and breathes in the contemporary urban tissue … His inspiration comes from
everyday life and the will to see and interpret reality from a modern vantage point. The city is the perfect
social aquarium, the ideal place for observation and elaboration of images that tell stories, that speak of us, of
today, stories that compel and interrogate our experience.”

Le Huit, 8 boulevard Saint-Martin 75010  Paris
Metro: Strasbourg-Saint Denis or République
Exhibition dates: 12 – 24 May 2015
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 14h – 19h / Saturday and Sunday, 11h – 19h
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