Genova‘s Ghetto (2009)

FABER AND THE OLD TOWN (Fabrizio De Andrè 1940-1999)  was a day of music, dance and art in a neighborhood of the historical center of Genoa , the old jewish ghetto, a place where nowaday immigrants, prostitutes, victims of slave trade, transsexuals, pushers and consumers live and work.
The bet was to involve the most citizens, tourists, people of every race and colour, as possible to pull down, at least for a day, all the prejudices and for starting a process of  tolerance and cohabitation.
I was involved by a friend to be part of the event (organized by Comunità di San Benedetto al Porto, Comune di Genova, Fondazione De Andrè e Radio Popolare) and I realized a series of mixed technique panels for a street art installation.